Elenel Design

The Elenel Design Process

Over 25 years of experience have seen Elenel Design fine tune the process for designing homes to get the best results and most fluent experience for their clients and designs.


The big focus for Elenel is that they walk their clients through the design process at a comfortable pace so that they can best make decisions along the way.

Step 1 – Initial Appointment
The first step is a FREE discussion with the Elenel Design team where you piece together what you want to achieve from the block of land that you have.
Step 4 – Home Work
This is the stage where the client has to put together a comprehensive wish list of everything they want in the design.  From number of bedrooms to particular views they want to capture.
Step 2 – Quote
Elenel Design will go away from the initial discussion and devise a quote for their services in putting your dreams into action.

Step 5 – Initial Design Concept
Elenel Design will put together the initial design concept based on what they have learned from the earlier steps in the process.  From here there is a back and forth process until it is just right!

Step 3 – Site Inspection
Once the quote is accepted then the Elenel Design Team will conduct a site inspection to fully guage the canvas they are about to work on.
Step 6 – Council Drawings
The final step is the completing the technical drawing ready for submission to council. While initial drawings are done by hand to give a better indication of the feel of the design the final plans are completed using CAD software for accuracy and precision.

Elenel Design can liaise and coordinate with other consultants such as builders, engineers and landscape architects, along the way to give the best opportunity at creating that dream project.

Elenel Building Designers Elenel Building Designers are members of the Queensland Building Designers Association of Queensland
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